Monday, May 17, 2010


Today I wandered around town with no set destination. I ended up spending time in an antique store and a wonderful used book store. I was amazed by how inexpensive the used books were. Why would I ever buy new? Not only were they inexpensive, they were also beautiful old hardbacks. They even had the old book spell. My adventures from this afternoon reminded me how much I love old things.

Here are some other beautiful antiques that I've been eyeing.

1940's bracelet via

Japanese tea set via

1950's necklace via

I really want this 1960's nightie!


  1. This is what you did today?? I'm jealous!! I used to spend many hours haunting charming, little antique shops. It's fun that you like to do this too. Old books are always best. : )

  2. Chelsea: Thanks for sharing this blog. It's beautiful, through and through. I love your appreciation of beauty. God is the ultimate creator and artist, and to the degree that we emulate him, we appreciate the beauty that comes from Him and His creative offspring. I'm struck by some of the things you feature: old books, a poem by one of my favorite poets: Gerald Manley Hopkins. You're have great sensibilities. Bravo!

  3. ha ha! just saw that my name is, "technical analysis of stock trends." how does one become a follower?